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The Golf Dome
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Q: Can I bring my own golf clubs for the driving range?
A: Yes, we recommend you do. It is always best to practice with your own clubs, as those are the ones you use on the course. If you do not have clubs we borrow individual clubs, or rent full sets for $10 / set.

Q: Can I wear golf shoes?
A: Running shoes are advised. Although, you are more than welcome to wear golf shoes, as long as they have soft spikes.

Q: Why am I asked if I am right or left handed?
A: The staff will ask if you are right or left handed because the tees on the hitting stations are permanently positioned for right and left handed hitters. If you are a right handed golfer who would like to share a station with a left handed golfer, we have multiple dual stations located throughout the 3 tiers.

Q: Why do you require a deposit for the driving range and virtual golf simulators?
A: A deposit is required due to the "pay at the end" system. This ensures payment for services rendered on a fair and equitable basis.

Q: What does the Golf Dome accept as a deposit for the Driving Range or Virtual Golf Simulator rental?
A: Cash, car keys, driver's license, Visa / MasterCard are all accepted deposits

Q: What is the farthest distance on the driving range?
A: 85 yards


Q: Are you wheel chair accessible?
A: Yes, The Golf Dome is wheelchair accessible. Our mini-golf course, however, is not.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: The Golf Dome accepts Cash, Visa, MasterCard, interact, or cheque. The pool tables and arcade games are cash only. There is no ATM on site. Cash back with a minimum purchase on interact is available.

Q: How does the dome stay up?
A: The Golf Dome is an air supported structure. Keeping the dome inflated requires a slight change in pressure within the fabric membrane. In comparison, a car's tire generally maintains an air pressure of about 35 psi, whereas the dome's pressure is equivalent to about 0.35 psi.

Q: Will the dome collapse in a power failure?
A: The dome is equipped with an emergency stand by system which automatically activated during a power outage. Driven by a generator, this system is designed to keep the structure inflated until the electric power is restored.

Q: How high is the dome?
A: 7 stories

Q: Is it real grass on the field?
A: No, the dome could not sustain real grass due to the lack of sunlight. Synthetic turf is located on the driving range, similar to that of the CanadInns stadium which our Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL) play on.

Q: Are you licensed?
A: Our entire facility, with the exception of mini-golf is licensed. We serve a selection of domestic beer, wine, coolers, and spirits.
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